A Marriage of
Art and Science

Shaped by a Unique Cultural Harmony

KRIS wines are handcrafted in Alto Adige using grapes sourced from Italy’s most esteemed growing regions. The winery is located in the Alpine town of Montagna, Italy (formerly Südtirol) where the local culture reflects a unique combination of Germanic precision sensibility and Italian artisan flare. Seven generations of winemakers steeped in this culture have yielded a wine as consistent and reliable as it is expressive and sensual.

KRIS wines are handcrafted in Alto Adige region of Italy shown here.
  • Alto Adige wine barrels.
  • Alto Adige vineyards.

Infused with Art, Science and Mystery

The playful, mysterious KRIS labels were designed by Italian artist Riccardo Schweizer, who was part of Europe’s Cubist movement along with his friends and contemporaries, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. Born of love, the labels were commissioned by the KRIS winemaker’s wife as a gift to him for their wedding anniversary.

KRIS Pino Grigio
The Sun

The Sun

The gold orb in each label depicts the role of the Italian sun ripening the grapes to perfection.

The Hand

The Hand

The hand represents the role of the human hand in cultivating the grapes and crafting the wine.

The Lips

The Lips

The sensual kiss mark represents the role of the lips that ultimately savor the wine.

The Logo

The Logo

The KRIS logo’s origin is steeped in intrigue. Some say the name and design were inspired by one of Schweizer’s love interests; others believe it was a personification of the beauty, mystery and sensuality inherent in wine. We invite you to interpret through your unique lens!

Ricardo Schweizer

Artist: Riccardo Schweizer 1925—2004

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